NEW v1.5 UPDATE changelog:

- fixed and some new diffuse and other type of textures (normal map, map)

- fixed sand traps

- fixed marshalls

- fixed fences on the main pit wall

- fixed lods for 3d grass

- fixed/adjust lods for many objects for better performance

- fixed surrounding hills, to be as accurate as IRL

- minor fixes on various meshes (sand, grass, buildings), and objects

- adjust some of the curbs to have more accurate inclination

- 3 layouts added (east, west and oval JGTC)

- all 3 new layouts have fully working AI and TV cameras

- new semapfores- new speakers

- new complete lighting system (reflectors, pillars, and new lights in tunnels)

- some fixed or new objects all around- adjusted config file for content manager


Tochigi Racing Ring info V1: 
- 2 layouts: GP (4801m), oval (2493m)
- GP layout is laser scanned 
- Pitboxes and start spots: 30 GP layout & 40 oval layout
- dynamic racing groove, dynamic rubbering of white lines and curbs, dynamic marbles on turns
- fully and great working AI on both layouts
- 2 TV cameras for each layout + 1 special camera for camtool app (read more bellow)
- fully supporst Content Manager and SOL weather (config files will automatically update if needed via CM)
- Track map and sections indicator
- 3d grass (if using Conent Manager, there is a new type of 3d grass)

- 2 DRS zones on GP layout

AC Tochigi Racing Ring

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